Use Your Own Kit. No Stock Needed.

Great Product Commissions

At FLAYR we're big believers that the best cosmetics salesperson is actually a great makeup artist NOT a pushy salesperson.

With FLAYR you focus on what you do best. Giving the customer an amazing makeover. Leave the selling to us.

Over 250+ Brands | 2000+ Products

No need to buy a new kit. Simply use the kit you have. We support over 250+ brands and over 2000+ products. The chances are if you've got it in your kit, we can sell it.

Step 1

The Makeover

Do what you do best. Give the customer an amazing makeover and leave the selling to us. Just do the makeover and be sure to keep a note of all the products you used.


Step 2

The Products

Let us know what products you used and we'll send the customer a link so she can purchase the products she loved.

Step 3

The Commission

After the customer purchases the product we transfer you your commission.

The best part is you haven't had to sell or hold stock.

Simply do what you do the best - the makeover. And leave the selling to us.


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